Monday, February 15, 2010

Design Wall Monday

Nothing new on the design wall yet. Just admiring the one I finally finished yesterday. All bound, label attached and ready to package up for delivery.
This is one of the Christmas quilts I wasn't able to finish in time for Christmas. He did get to see the top at Christmas but it wasn't as exciting as getting the actual quilt. Have one more Christmas quilt to go, will be loading it onto the frame today.
Note to self----do NOT plan on giving quilts as Christmas gifts again!!!!
Have a great week
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Patty E


  1. Thanks for the smile today:)
    Note to self...quilts always take longer to finish if there is a deadline coming up (or past!) LOL

  2. I gave two quilts at Christmas, both only lap quilts. However, I always have a back-up gift ready and never tell anyone that a quilt is coming. If they don't get it when I planned, they get it for the next holiday and never know I was behind. ;-o