Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. Decided my time would be better spent actually quilting instead of talking about quilting :)

Have gotten two tops completed, one top is nearly finished and have 4 more to get done before Christmas.

I will post pictures soon I promise.

Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving !!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Design Wall Monday

Worked on cutting patches yesterday. Really like how this is going. Not too sure of all the reds in the one row though, will probably change on the one on the left.

Sure wish my design wall was wider. But it's better than my old one (the floor).

Have a great week and take a peek at Judy's blog (Patchwork Times) for other design wall photos

Sunday, November 8, 2009


I am so excited, it appears that I may actually have the entire day to quilt. Yippeeee!!

Got hubby off this morning (at 3:00am...Uggh) for his trip to Iowa.

Now it's just me and the cat, home alone.

When I was younger, couldn't stand to be alone. After growing up in a large family (8 kids), being alone was way too quiet. It felt awkward and lonely.

Now I really enjoy being alone. After years of taking care of everyone else (full-time job, 3 kids and 1 hubby), it's nice to only have to take care of myself.

I'm pretty easy to please, just a cold diet Pepsi, soft music in the background with an occasional snack and I'm good to go for hours.

So here's what I'm working on now (sorry for the lengthwise view, but my design wall is too narrow to place them across the top)

It's a throw quilt for DD#1's boyfriend. They are pretty serious, so it's time to make him a quilt for Christmas. He's in the Coast Guard and is a gun enthusiast. We found some fabric with guns in it (Buffalo Bill line by Wyndham fabrics) and one by Kaufman that has military sayings on it. Of course, DD#1 also included a fabric with hearts to remind him of her.

I'm currently auditioning fabrics. The earlier versions were all to similar, needed to go lighter for more contrast. I'm not used to using these colors. I tend to lean towards brights and happy colors (hot pinks, neon greens, etc). Not used to these earthy type tones at all. It has required shopping for fabric (oh isn't that just awful...grin).

Well, better close for now so I can actually get something done besides dreamining about it.

Have a great week....Patty