Sunday, April 18, 2010

Wish I was quilting

This is one of the quilts that were given to the first ten newborns when our hospital opened in October 2009. There were nine others with the same pattern just lots of different bright and fun prints.

Sure wish I was quilting right now. Since I've started this new work project with all the traveling, I haven't even turned my sewing machine on in over 6 weeks.

I am totally having quilting withdrawals. There are so many errands to run and other things to do when I am home that quilting gets pushed back. Finally stopped at Joann's and grabbed about 5 different quilt magazines so I could at least read about other people quilting.

This pace should slow down by the end of the year. Just in time for Christmas. Sigh....Oh well, it is a job. So many out there don't have one that who am I to complain about mine.

Hope you all get a chance to enjoy this beautiful spring weather.