Sunday, October 11, 2009

Time---Where does it go?

My plan for this weekend had been to work on several quilt projects. I need to get 6 lap quilts done for Christmas gifts.
Now at 6:00PM on Sunday night, ask me how much time was spent over the last two days quilting?
Well, if you count the 15 minute dash into the quilt store while DH was waiting out in the car, I'd guess around an hour at the most. (Sigh).
It is so hard when you have to work fulltime and have a needy husband. Problem is that he travels alot so when he's home, he likes my undivided attention. That's ok for a day or two, but after that.....I start to get a little cranky (grin). When I try to slip away into my sewing room for a few minutes, he pouts. After 20-30 minutes the "Are you done yet? How much longer?" stuff starts.
That or he suddenly has a mountain of paperwork which requires my help on the computer (which is in my sewing room). When he's out of town I figure, ok I'll quilt at least an hour each night after work. Works for Monday night, maybe Tuesday night but after that.......too tired and make way too many mistakes. The weekends seem to get eaten up by errands and other non-quilting stuff.
I've tried getting up earlier, but just can't get my rearend out of the nice warm bed one moment before the absolute last second. I just do not possess that kind of willpower at 5:00am.
Maybe if I take a couple of days vacation and not tell anyone (including DH), I could just hole up in my sewing room and get them done. Now that would be fun!
Have a great week and if you have any suggestions, please feel free to post a comment.


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