Saturday, September 11, 2010

Back home

Home, it means so many things to so many people.

To be honest, I took it a little for granted until my work has resulted in long periods of time away from home.
I didn't realize how much I would miss hearing the geese fly overhead each evening at dusk, the way the rustling leaves sound in the evening breeze outside of my sewing room window, how pretty the sunrise looks through the wispy birch leaves and branches outside my bedroom window. How good your own bed and pillow feel after being gone for so long.

Don't get me wrong, hotels are nice and it is really fun that someone else has to make the bed and scrub the toilet but they just aren't the same. Too bad we can't pack all of our memories and momentos into a suitcase for these trips. To just open the bag and instantly recreate your home inside the hotel room. Though packing my hubby into a small carry-on suitcase would be challenging (grin).
I really appreciate my home when I get a chance to be there. Dust bunnies and all.
The photo above is the door from my indoor laundry room leading out to the garage. My hubby is a big fan of "The Lost Room" movie. The garage is his domain where he can get lost for hours pursuing his hobbies. This is his version of the door into the "Lost Room". Like I said, home means different things to different people (grin)



  1. Hi Patty - I've been meaning to check out your blog for a while. I love this post about the lost room. But your sewing room sounds like paradise. Hotels are OK but nothing beats the sounds, smells and touch of home. I'll have to visit more often.

  2. HI Patty!!! Yes, I agree...there's no place like home!!! Glad to meet you!!